TB Alliance

What is TB Alliance?

We gather games from indie game developers and small game companies, localize them and publish to Japanese market. Tokyo Branch provide service infra, localization and test environments and share profits after launch. TB Alliance is total package of mobile game launching.

Supported service

Text Translation

Free Text Translation.
Not just a plain translation. We have a game expert for perfectly localized translation.
If voice recording is needed, we support local recording.
(※Dev company have to pay recording fee )

UI/UX Localization

Localizing UI/UX for Japanese market, Provide free consulting for game title and logo design.
If it’s plan A, we support development also.

Provide server infra

Provide server in local IDC for free.
(※If you want more spec than basic, you need to pay extra charge)

Phone Test

Provide Japanese android phone for  test, which can’t get in Korea. We also provide error logs, that makes launching smooth.

Redesign Payment Model

Redesign payment model for Japanese market.
Paid item’s price setting, list setting, price balancing, legal support, etc.

Support Ad Setting and Manage

Support local ad setting and management, and provide ad api documents and technical support.

Increase Users and Promotion

We support many kind of promotions, such as pre-subscription, cross promotion, media promotion. We have total solutions of promotion from planning to press release, that will make initial user pool.

User CS Support

Support basic CS for free. We’ll handle local user claim.

Who we want to go with TB Alliance

Indie game developer who can’t afford for localization.

-I developed and launched indie games in english and korean, but not japanese.
-I want to try Japanese market, but I don’t know anything about Japanese market.
-I want to localize my game|app to Japanese, but initial localization fee is so high.
-I want to use server in Japan, but don’t know what to do.

→ TOKYO BRANCH supports localization, server infra, and local platform specific informations.

Small game company which want to launch games in Japanese market, but go through difficulties from market research phase.

-Didn’t contract to Japanese publisher, because I provide a casual game.
-I have no confident about localization.
-My game requires server infra, but I don’t know how to manage server in Japan.
-I can’t afford enough money for localization.

→ With TOKYO BRANCH, You can solve localization and server infra problem easily and also you can share user pool.

Service Plan

Items Plan A Plan B
Localization Text translation, localizaion 100% support
UI/UX UI/UX Localization Plan and Dev Support UI/UX Localization Plan Consulting
Reset Payment Model Reset Business Model Include Whole Plans and Support Legal Issues
User CS CS support
Dev Work Tokyo Branch Will Do Dev Company Will Do
Phone Test Local phone test for Japanese environment
Update Dev Company Will Do
Store Account register by TOKYO BRANCH account
Ad Setting Ad plan, Ad API document translation, Ad platform management, Tech support
Server Infra Support server infra for free
Promotion Support local web site and press release
Profit Share(Fee) 50% of profit except platform fee 30% of profit except platform fee

Vision of Alliance


Construct Alliance

Increase users by ad based casual game.


Expand User Pool

If alliance members are gathered, we can use channeling like in-house banner to share user pool between each games, and we can grow the pie.


Launching Paid Game

If we get enough user pool, we can launch and push hard core paid game.

FAQ for alliance

What is the difference with publish contract? Is it publish at last?

Publishing company invests games in planning or development phase and get the rights of games. So  publisher manage all the rights and game CS. But TB alliance is just a total package of support, so owner of the game is always a developer company.

Is there any contraction fee?

Tokyo Branch aims for supporting indie game developer or small company, which has a good game, but not sells well and doesn’t have enough money for localization about Japanese market. TB Alliance’s basic model is based on trust, so we don’t require or be required contraction fee.

Why main profit model is Ad? Who Clicks Ad in these days?

Japanese market is a lot different than Korean market. Smartphone ad market’s profit in japan was 30 million Yen in 2014. In japan, smartphone ad is very stable business model if we retain users, even we acquire just small amount of users.

I see. What Tokyo Branch does is just a consultant, isn’t it?

Our work includes some kind of consultant. But we do more, like localization, setting server, test phone, CS support, management, etc. And also share profits. Our model is a total package of localization and cooperate model.

Feel free to ask anything about our business and TB Alliance. We’ll wait for your contact.

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