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Branch Company for Starting Business in Tokyo

TOKYO BRANCH supports foreign companies which want to work in japanese market. We provide detailed Cell-Level services for our customer’s Branch Business. Not only language and culture, there are son many obstacles and differences in Japanese market. So it takes too much time and costs to building a business organization in Japan. Now you have a great partner, total business support with reasonable price, Tokyo Branch.

Main Business Parts


We provide work space in Tokyo to our member for free. You can use internet, printer, fax, copy, and many other office services also.

Design Work

Change application or game’s UI/UX to japanese taste. Localize product package design. Translate publications and change designs.


Support local marketing for product trade, contract and adjust. We attend local business meeting and make a report for you. We only bill what we work for local marketing.


We provide detailed report of local market status, user preference, competing products, based on our vast and enormous database.


We can translate documents, contracts, movies, manuals to Japanese. We have competent interpreters. We can also support whole localization process of games and apps.

Build and Manage Web Sites

We can build and manage web sites for Japanese market. We also support updating contents and managing forums in web site..

Increase Users and Promotion

We support many kind of promotions, such as pre-subscription, cross promotion, media promotion. We have total solutions of promotion from planning to press release.

CS and Service Management

We provide extensive support for all kind of CS and user complains in Japanese market by reasonable prices. We also provide local CS team for app or game.

Service Structure

Business Support Type

・Support Convention
・Support Marketing, Management, Etc



Costs: Supporters’ Salary + Platform Fee + Expense

Project Type

・Localization of Products, Games, Apps, Etc
・Building Web Sites
・User Support for Game, Routine Work, Etc



・Game & Web Site Management Fee
→ Team Costs + Platform Fee
・Localization and Web Site building Costs
→ We provide estimations according to the Size and Period of Project

Detailed Business Part of Support

항목 카테고리 비용
Use Guest Office Business Environment Free
Pocket WiFi / Battery Charger / Notebook / Projector Rental Business Environment Free For Members
Documents Business Environment Free
Locker / Baggage Storage Service Business Environment Free
Business Translation Business Support Charge
Proposal, Contracts, Manuals, Documents Translation Business Support Charge
Convention Support Business Support Charge
Airport Pickup And Car Support Business Support Charge
Japanese Market Report Support Business Support Charge
Legal Support Service for Japan Branch Business Support Charge
Local Marketing Support Business Support Charge
Local Promotion Support Business Support Charge
Connect to Local Company Business Support Charge
Local Corporation Establishing Support Business Support Charge
Local Staff Recruit Support Business Support Charge
Product Localization Support Business Localization Charge
Contents Localization Support Business Localization Charge
Develop & Manage Web Site for Local Market Business Localization Charge
Trendy Design for Local Market Business Localization Charge
Provide Local Test Phone for Android App Business Localization Charge
User Management for Game and Web Site Business Localization Charge
Local Market VC Contact Business Network Free For Members

We have all ears! Feel free to ask anything about our business. We’ll wait for your contact.

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